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The Austin Couple to Couple League is dedicated to providing world-class instruction and mentoring for couples that want to learn and use the Sympto-Thermal Method of Natural Family Planning

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Natural Family Planning is 99% effective, safe, and morally acceptable to the Catholic Church.

The best way to learn more about what Natural Family Planning can do for a marriage is to hear the stories of couples who use it. Check out what these couples have to say.

“We were happy at last that we could rely on a method that was effective and in company with the Church’s teachings.”
Frank and Kathryn, Another Happy Couple
“NFP has a well-documented history of being 99% effective, comparable to that of all forms of contraception.”
R. Hatcher, Contraceptive Technology
“We’re almost embarrassed to think about what we once thought was ‘making love’ and what we now know and experience with each other.”
Dan and Pat, Happy Family
“He tells me that I am worth waiting for.”
Michelle, Happily Married
“We buy organic milk and meat and try to keep hormones out of our water. Why do we put artificial hormones known to cause cancer into our body?”
Monica, Healthy Woman

We Are Here to Help you Learn and Use NFP Effectively

The Austin Couple to Couple League is a community of certified Catholic volunteers that provide in-person and web-based training to help couples learn and practice the Sympto-Thermal Method of Natural Family Planning.

  • Over 100 years of collective NFP experience
  • All Austin NFP instructors are certified by a third party and qualified to teach
  • Local NFP instructors provide one-on-one followup and are available on an ongoing basis for questions
  • Specialized classes focused on the times when fertility is in transition ― postpartum and premenopause
  • Familiar with – and can help couples understand – the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Mentoring for fertility-challenged couples trying to conceive

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